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Get legal help from Miami attorneys near you

Get legal help from Miami attorneys near you

Are you looking for an attorney in Miami to assist with estate planning or probate? Or do you wish for legal representation in a court case? Then we are here for you.

Our Miami attorneys offer professional services in diverse areas of law. Be it civil or commercial litigation, estate litigation, estate planning and probate administration amongst others, you will find in our Miami-based law firm highly competent attorneys well-versed and experienced in that area of specialization. We offer consultancy services and legal representation. It is our modus operandi to first understand the situation and needs of our clients through in depth discussion, and then identifying the required steps to successfully resolve the case or help actualize their goals. Kindly contact our law office to speak with a Miami attorney.

Common areas where we offer legal services

Estate planning

Estate planning has to do with planning for the protection and management of your assets during life and their efficient transfer after death, with due consideration given to your personal well-being, estate tax, etc.

There are so many documents, considerations and laws involved with estate planning. Although you can address some of these issues yourself, it takes a seasoned Miami attorney to know the best options available to you given your estate situation and estate laws effective in Miami.

For a basic and proper estate plan that covers your fundamental needs, our attorney will help establish the following estate planning documents:

  • Wills: Your last will and testament is a document that attests to your wishes regarding the disbursement of your estate when you pass away. If it is your wish to pass assets to friends, relatives, spouse, kids, charity, or even the government, you can express all that in your will by naming the beneficiaries and stating unambiguously what you want them to receive. An executor is named in the will to carry out the wishes of the testator. Wills can also be used to for naming guardians for minors. Despite the fact that there are Miami will templates online, your situation and wishes may not be provided for in the template, and only an experienced attorney can help customize and personalize your will.
  • Living Trusts: A living trust is also used to transfer assets but differently from a will. The assets held in the living trust can pass to the beneficiary even during the lifetime of the trustor and without the publicity of probate. A living trust is effective for incapacity planning. However, trusts are also more expensive and complicated to execute and so it is advised you hire a Miami attorney to take the stress off you.
  • Powers of Attorney: We also deem it necessary to include powers of attorney in the estate plan of our clients. A Power of attorney enables you to appoint an agent who would take charge of your estate affairs when you become unable to do so yourself. This helps to prevent the court from appointing someone for you through a lengthy and expensive Guardianship proceeding.
  • Advance Healthcare Directive: The advance healthcare directive enables you appoint a person who would make healthcare decisions for you when you become unable to make them yourself due to incapacity.
  • Living will: This document expresses your end of life wishes and treatment preferences which must be followed if you are unable to make decisions at that time.


We also have Miami attorneys in our law firm specialized and well-versed in the probate system of Miami. We understand the workings of the process and so work with our clients to alleviate the difficulties associated with it. Through proper estate planning, we can reduce the value of assets been probated or altogether avoid it through the execution of trusts. We also work with personal representatives and families of decedents to ensure that probate is concluded on time and beneficiaries get their share of the estate.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

We offer consultation and legal representation to clients involved in court cases involving marriages, breach of contract, torts, trade libel, tenancy and leasing, etc.

We also help agencies in the signing of contracts, creating contract terms and terms of service, and meeting with state compliance and policy requirements.

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Whatever your legal needs are, we are here to offer the best services that meet your needs, ensuring your get justice, the relief you seek, and that your estate and personal well-being and that of your family is well secured. Simply put a call through to speak with one of our Miami attorneys.