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Long Island estate planning lawyer

Long Island estate planning lawyer

Why should I contact the Long Island estate planning lawyer?

An estate plan expresses your desires concerning your estate affairs and how you want them to be managed when you die or become unable to handle them yourself. Having an estate plan goes beyond just drafting a will. There are important legal documents which jointly constitutes an estate plan, and it is in your best interests to consult the Long Island estate planning lawyer to guide you in creating these documents. He will listen to your concerns and offer you legal advice on the best way to establish your estate documents which best expresses your desires.

The Long Island estate planning lawyer is not just another lawyer out for your dollar. He delights in representing the best interests of his clients in areas of estate planning, probate or estate litigation. He is highly experienced also in representing executors of wills, trustees, beneficiaries, administrators, partnership, and other entities during probate proceedings, breach of fiduciary duties, petitions for partitions of real estate, will contests, accountings, etc. The mission of the Long Island estate planning lawyer is to deliver quality services to clients in the most cost-effective way, while maintaining transparency, integrity, and unwavering ethical standards. He’ll also help in establishing a guardianship for minors in case of you’re having young children, guardianship for you should you become incapacitated, as well as medical healthcare plan to ensure you get all government benefits due to you. You wouldn’t know the full extent of these benefits and your rights until you have personal contact with the estate planning lawyer.

Ways in which the Long Island estate planning lawyer will help you

Estate planning choices vary among individuals, and so no two estate plans are exactly alike. Nevertheless, for an effective and all encompassing estate plan that caters for your utmost needs, below is a list of services and actions the estate planning lawyer will take on your behalf.

He will take inventory of all your assets and estate debts which you own.

Try getting a full understanding of how each of your assets are owned.

Create a last will and testament that are in line with the estate laws binding Long Island.

  • Name an executor in your will.
  • Name the beneficiaries of your estate.
  • Find ways to avoid the lengthy process of probate as well as reducing estate taxes.
  • Identify the kind of trust which best accomplishes your wishes, and create one if necessary.
  • Evaluate all insurance policies which you must have entered into.
  • Identifying ways in which estate expenses could be reduced, while still distributing your estate in the most effective and hitch-free manner.
  • Follow up with the frequently modifying estate laws, and updating your estate plan along with the latest changes.
  • Plan towards all expenses which would be involved in your funeral or any other form of body disposition.
  • In the presence of estate debts, the estate planning lawyer will plan for the liquidation of some property to settle such debts.

These legal actions listed above are provided by the Long Island estate planning lawyer to ensure that your estate goes to your beneficiaries in an economical and orderly fashion, while easing the administrative burdens which your surviving loved ones would have to go through in the event of your death. Dealing with the trauma of your death would be even more difficult for them when you neglect having a good and effective estate plan in place before passing on. Why not ease things up for your loved ones in such a trying time? Why not contact the Long Island estate planning lawyer today to help you accomplish this?